System Overview

To begin processing an application you will need the full scope of the work to be done, the contractor's name and license number, and PDF versions of any required drawings or documents. (For more about required drawings/documents click here).

Licensed contractors: To register your license, use the "License Management" button to enter your license number and the ePermits access code sent to you via U.S. mail. You only need to complete this step once for each license number. If you have questions about your ePermits access code please call 443-984-1809.

Applicants using contractors: Before you can use a contractor to complete work on your permit, the contractor must first sign up to use the ePermits system and register their license. Please have your contractor's name and license number available when you apply.

(NOTE: All electrical, gas, HVAC&R, and plumbing work requires a licensed contractor. Contractors used for construction work on 1-and 2-family dwellings must have a Maryland Home Improvement (MHIC) license.)

Message board: To enhance electronic communications, we have created a message board feature in the ePermits system. You will receive an email if a permit processor has posted a message for you to view. You will then log into your account to respond. You can attach any requested documents to your message. You can also initiate a message or ask a question about your permit through the message board.

Payment: You will need to pay your permit fees through the online system or at the One Stop Shop Permit Center before your permit can be issued. Payments made online by check are free; payments made by credit card are subject to a small fee. Once payment is made you will receive your permit via email.

For more information about how the ePermits system works please click here to view our web tutorials.

Special Circumstances:

If you're a proposing work in a Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) district, click here for additional information.

If you are proposing a non-complying rowhouse addition, click here for additional information.

If you are proposing work in a floodplain, click here for additional information.

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