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DHCD Awards $19 Million to Nonprofits and Public Agencies

BALTIMORE (January 11, 2018) – In a rousing press conference and open house tour of a vital community center in West Baltimore, Mayor Catherine E. Pugh, Housing Commissioner Michael Braverman and the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) today celebrated 41 years of building, supporting and strengthening Baltimore’s communities through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Mayor Pugh and Commissioner Braverman were joined by longtime recipients of the awards program, HUD officials, and other city, state and federal leaders.

“Every year, when we distribute the CDBG awards to nonprofit and public agencies across the city, I cheer,” said Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh. “The program benefits so many communities, and in particular, helps to reinvest in those neighborhoods that have experienced significant disinvestment over the years. I am committed to stabilizing and reviving neighborhoods so that all city residents are able to live in safe and affordable homes, and lead healthy lives in sustainable environments. Leveraging CDBG funding is one of the most important, and least-heralded, ways that we work to make sure that happens.”

The annual distribution of HUD CDBG awards is one of DHCD’s greatest success stories. Since 1976, DHCD has awarded more than $1.1 billion in federal grants to nonprofit and public agencies that support housing and public-service programs. This year alone, DHCD will be distributing more than $19 million to qualified area nonprofits and agencies that are doing their part to serve the city and its residents – from east to west, north to south.

The annual distribution of CDBG funds is one of the City housing department’s greatest success stories, said Housing Commissioner Michael Braverman.

“Our City is a vibrant one with many strengths, but too many communities still suffer from decades of disinvestment,” said Commissioner Braverman. “The Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development shares Mayor Pugh’s vision for safe, healthy, stable and revitalized communities. With this infusion of federal funding, we have and will work closely with our partners to help them leverage resources, build capacity and continue delivering much-needed services and

opportunities to people who need them. Even though the amount of CDBG funding from the federal government has decreased over the years, which has been a challenge, we appreciate the ongoing support from the federal government for this critical source of funds that helps improve Baltimore’s communities and transform lives.”

At least 70% of CDBG funds are used for activities that benefit low- to moderate-income people. CDBG is a HUD program designed to give local jurisdictions power to distribute federal funds directly to nonprofit and public agencies that support housing and public-service programs. CDBG’s primary objective is to develop viable communities by providing low- to moderate- income families with decent, affordable housing and to expand local economic opportunities.

CDBG awards are given out in such areas as:

  • Employment/Job Training
  • Senior Services
  • Lead Abatement
  • Literacy
  • Home Ownership Assistance
  • Re-entry Services
  • Residential Unit Rehabilitation
  • And many others

The federal awards program is competitive, accepting applications only once a year. One recipient, Druid Heights Community Development Corporation – where today’s press conference was held – was awarded a total of $375,000 to continue its work in re-entry services, transitional housing, adult education, housing counseling and other programs on the city’s west side.

“The Community Development Block Grant funding has allowed us to improve the historic Druid Heights community, while empowering residents to lead initiatives such as creative green spaces, block clubs, safety strategies and affordable housing development,” said Anthony Pressley, Executive Director of Druid Heights CDC. “Thanks to the heartfelt support of Mayor Pugh and the outstanding leadership of Commissioner Braverman, a great emphasis is placed on the development of our neighborhoods. CDBG funding has allowed us to leverage more support and build great partnerships as we involve the residents in all we do. We are reminded every day that we work with and for the community’s residents, with the support of the Mayor and DHCD on our side.”

Another organization honored at today’s celebration, Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc., received $100,000 to further its home ownership counseling, foreclosure intervention services, community organizing and small business development efforts to strengthen the Belair-Edison neighborhood on the city’s east side.

"Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc., and the residents of the Belair-Edison Community are so grateful for the continued support of the CDBG program,” said Johnette Richardson, Executive Director, Belair- Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. “This funding has allowed us to educate thousands of home buyers, welcome hundreds of new businesses, and organize block clean ups and beautification campaigns throughout our community."

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